Struggling to find purpose

At times we may feel we’re struggling to find purpose. I respect this ‘space of nothingness’, having experienced it often. I would like to share a perspective on how I began to honour this space. As humans we share a ‘need to know’. “Where will life take us?” and “What will be our part?” While we focus on this long-term view, we close ourselves off to the potential of possibility. With expectations on ourselves to ‘be more than we are’, we limit our ability to truly appreciate the process of growth and self-development that life offers. In this ‘space of nothingness’, which holds no expectations, life holds untold possibility and opportunity. Remember, in order for a sharp and powerful blade to be formed it must first past through the fire. Dismiss your need to know and befriend your ‘space of nothingness’. In doing so you will embrace a world of potential and possibility.

Struggling to find purpose

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